The Growler Bike

I’ve never been a big fan of bike riding. I mean sure, when I was a kid riding a bike around the neighborhood and through the woods was the thing to do. But once I started to drive, it just didn’t make as much sense to me….until now.

Introducing the amazing growler bike!


Here is what the dudes that invented the bike have to say.

This “Growler” concept concept city commuter is a working sketch prototype in a series of thoughts on what we carry around with us and the importance of those items. We took a Growler from a local pub and set off to design a bike around it. With or without the beer, this changed how we view typical beach/ city “cruisers.”

I understand that this isn’t exactly a groundbreaking achievement but it still makes tons of sense. I can already picture myself biking to the local brewery or bottle shop with a great growler station and biking home with 64 ounces of liquid bliss in the growler bikes holster.

Plus, we here at EG are all about the growler, after all.

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