Vermont Brewery Tour Photos, Part Two: Switchback, Magic Hat

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On our final full day in Vermont, we were able to score tickets to the Switchback 10 Year Anniversary party at their brewery. As part of our $10 admission, we were treated to several beers, food, music, and a tour of their brewery. If that wasn’t enough, the brewery had just started to bottle their Switchback Ale, and each person who went to the party were given one of the first bottles ever made.

The best part of the brewery tour was definitely all the awesome copper equipment they use from an old German brewery.

Switchback Brewing Company
10th anniversary sign

Switchback brew kettle

Switchback brew kettle

Switchback control panel

Switchback control panel

Tour line at Switchback

Cases of free Switchback Ale!

After the Switchback party, we made our way to Magic Hat. We’ve visited this brewery every time we’ve visted Vermont, and because of that we didn’t really take many pictures. They make some of my favorite beers, and while we were there we tried an Apple beer (not cider) that they were only brewing in Vermont – good stuff!

Magic Hat Brewing
Magic Hat Brewery

There is a few key breweries we still need to visit in Vermont, and hope to get to them in the coming years.

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