Link Flight: Red Stripe’s Joyful Commercial, Homebrew Filter Testing, Josh Bernstein’s Beer App, more

Damn you, Red Stripe, for making commercials so awesome we end up spreading your joyous advertising:

+ Does filtering effect your homebrew? Kyler Serfass does some testing.

+ We’ve written about Josh Bernstein’s book before, and now he’s released a new app that is essential for all New York craft beer fans. New York Times reports:

The app rates 122 bars, 34 shops and 22 breweries. I first tested it out in Astoria, Queens, where I live, and it seemed to get things right without just picking the most obvious places to drink. There were short entries on half a dozen establishments, including specific recommendations on which beers to order.

It is worth noting that this app is different from a guide to bars. Good spots will not show up if they have pedestrian beer selections. At the same time, bars do not automatically get good ratings for having lots of choices. Mr. Bernstein acknowledges that the Beer Authority, a 70-tap bar that recently opened on a stretch of Eighth Avenue in Midtown Manhattan, is “a life preserver for folks working around the Port Authority.” But the app still sticks it with a 2 out of 5 rating because of its unimaginative décor, high prices and a tendency to play lame music. (full story)

+ Update on Long Island’s Barrier Brewery, which Sandy hit hard.

+ New beer coming soon from Dogfish: Birra Etrusca Bronze

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Robert Duffy is the co-founder of Empty Growler and lives in Brooklyn, NY

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