The 4 Best Breweries For Stouts

It’s International Stout Day! With the temperatures beginning to dip, it’s a fine time to crack open your favorite stout and let it warm you from the inside out. The dark, rich flavors that a stout provides are nothing short of amazing so it’s great to be able to celebrate this great style today. There are way too many stouts to make a comprehensive list, we adore so many including Black Tuesday, B.O.R.I.S. from Hoppin Frog, Cigar City Hunahpu, and many many more. But for this post, we grabbed four breweries that not only make one great stout, but they make several. Have a look below at four of our favorite breweries when it comes to stouts.

I should also say, so this doesn’t turn into a discussion, these are my own four favorite breweries for stouts. :)

Bell’s Brewery

Not very many breweries enjoy stouts as much as Bell’s does. Not only do they have a stout that stands up to any when it comes to aging with Expedition, but they have quite a collection of regular, off the shelf stouts of high quality as well. And their bourbon barrel aged Black Note Stout (which is a blend of Expedition and Double Cream) is in a class of its own. Here are our favorite stouts from Bell’s.

Black Note
Kalamazoo Stout
Double Cream Stout

Goose Island

From my perspective, the absolute best stout around is almost anything in the Bourbon County series. The standard BCBS or almost any of the variations are nothing short of phenomenal. But Goose has also thrown out some non-barrel aged stouts that are fantastic as well. Big John is one of those, and it’s little brother Night Stalker. Night Stalker might be out of production right now, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be found on shelves every now and then. Here are our favorite stouts from Goose Island.

Bourbon County Brand Stout + Variants
Big John
Night Stalker

Founders Brewing

Founders has some heavy hitters as well in the stout category. Their hard to find stouts like KBS and CBS are at the top of most peoples want lists and their easier to find stouts like Breakfast Stout and Imperial Stout are consistent and excellent year after year. Here are our favorite stouts from Founders.

KBS (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)
CBS (Canadian Breakfast Stout)
Breakfast Stout
Imperial Stout

Southern Tier Brewing

I think Southern Tier has a list of stouts that are very different than the breweries we have already covered. They specialize is what I would call ‘desert stouts’ because most of their best ones are really sweet. So they might not stack up with the barrel aged stuff I listed above, but do a great job with the niche they have carved out for themselves. Not to mention you can easily find all of these on stores shelves when they are in season. Here are our favorite stouts from Southern Tier.

Creme Brulee
2X Stout

What are your ‘go-to’ breweries for great stouts?

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