IPA Day: 8 IPAs you have to try

Hop heads just can’t get enough. The smell of a hop heavy double IPA, the toungue curling taste, and the crave for more. Today is all about the India Pale Ale as national IPA day is officially underway, and it’s just another excuse to reach for your favorite hoppy beverage. I feel like I’ve had almost every great IPA out there at least once, but here are some of the best ones I tried for the first time in 2012.

Sixpoint: Resin

Sixpoint unveiled an excellent double IPA this year, which comes in Red Bull style thin cans. As it should be, it’s a sweet resiny mess that I keep going back for. It helps that it’s readily available in my area.

Stone Brewing: Ruination 10th Anniversary

I’ve already given this beer a proper write up in this space. It’s just fantastic though, and is still available for a few more weeks until it hits the ‘best by’ date of 8/23. If you find some in your area, snatch it up and enjoy an obnoxiously awesome DIPA.

Alpine Beer Co: Nelson

Probably the smoothest, easiest single IPA I’ve had (sorry Two Hearted). I’m not a big fan of malty IPA’s but this one has just the right amount of malt combined with a generous helping of hops from New Zealand.

Three Floyds: Live A Rich Life

Three Floyds have quite a collection of IPA’s already, but this one really stands out for me. It’s Belgian style, but really, it’s Three Floyds style with tons of hops and an incredibly smooth finish. Dreadnaught, Black Heart, Apocolypse Cow and Arctic Panzer Wolf are great, but I’ll take Rich Life (formerly Shark Pants) over all of them.

The Alchemist: Heady Topper

The best IPA in the world, hands down. It’s canned, usually has a few floaters and clocks in at 8%, but if you get this baby fresh, it pulverizes all competitors.

Against The Grain: Citra Ass Down

Against The Grain brings this brand new competitor to my list. Maybe it’s the Citra hops, actually I know it’s the Citra hops, that make this stand out. Another single IPA I wish I had regular access too.

Hill Farmstead: Double Citra

I’ve already talked a little about my love of Citra hops, so when one of the best breweries in the world does an IPA that is bittered, flavored, and dry hopped exclusively with Citra hops, it makes this list. Just fantastic.

Firestone Walker: Double Jack

Last but not least is the amazing DIPA from Firestone Walker. A little malty, but sweet and hoppy to balance things out. It’s just one of many fantastic IPA’s from the West Coast.

I left quite a few IPA’s off the list, but these were the ones I cracked open for the first time in 2012. What will you be tipping back on IPA Day?

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