Oldest known bottle of beer on Ebay now

It’s billed as the world’s oldest documented bottle of ale, and right now it’s up for auction on Ebay. You might have already read about the bottle, which is from all the way back in 1852! I looked up a little history behind the beer and found a fascinating story.

In 1845 Rear-Admiral Sir John Franklin led an expedition to the Canadian Arctic in an attempt to chart and navigate the North West Passage from the Atlantic to the Pacific. The mission failed. The ships foundered and were lost, and the crew died. Franklin became a national hero and Queen Victoria demanded that efforts be made to find any remains of the ships or the crew. Along with the Admiralty, the queen asked brewers in Burton, famous for their strong beers exported round the world, to create a “life sustaining ale” – vitamin B helps prevent scurvy – to supply five ships commanded by Sir Edward Belcher. He led an expedition in 1851 to find any clues to what had happened to the Franklin mission.

Pretty impressive eh? Well, so is the current going price, which is at almost 90,000 bucks as I write this. So my question is, what is the most you would spend on an individual bottle of beer and what kind of beer would that be? Let us know in the comments or on Facebook.

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  1. Lee says:

    The auction closed at $155k. Crazy.

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