James Bond Switching to Heineken in New Film

James Bond needs to help pay the bills:

Advertising Age reported that Heineken USA was preparing a promotional campaign to coincide with the Nov. 9 release of the next Bond movie, “Skyfall.” (Yes, “Skyfall.”) The deal, which The Guardian priced at $45 million, would call for the creation of a Heineken advertisement featuring the Bond character, as well as at least one scene in the film in which Mr. Craig is seen drinking the beer. (full story)

The Brookston Beer Bulletin has a lot more information about the history of Bond and beer through the ages if you’d like to go deeper on the subject. And then there is this:


So if Bond is drinking beer, do you have a better suggestion of what he should be drinking instead of Heineken? Post in the comments.

Robert Duffy

Robert Duffy is the co-founder of Empty Growler and lives in Brooklyn, NY

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