Under The Radar: Great Crescent Brewery

There is a storm brewing in the Midwest. Or more specifically, in the Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky areas of the Midwest. Ohio is already becoming well known for their amazing amount of breweries. Craft breweries like Hoppin Frog, Great Lakes, The Brew Kettle and many more are starting to get national recognition. And of course Three Floyds, tucked nicely into Munster, Indiana, is one of the best around.

After attending the Cincy Winter Beer Fest last weekend, and being blown away at the breweries from the Midwest that were as good if not better than their more well known regional counterparts, I thought it would be worthwhile to shine a light on them in what I hope is a regular segment. First up, Great Crescent Brewery.

Great Crescent Brewery is based in Aurora, Indiana, just down the road from Lawrenceburg and quite close if you live in Cincinnati or Kentucky. The brewery started in 2008 by husband and wife Dan and Lani Valas. The Great Crescent name comes from the successful and widely known Crescent Brewing company that existed in Aurora, IN from 1873-1899. The brewery consistently touts the words “fresh” and “hand crafted”, which of course are staples of the craft industry.

Great Crescent also has a stong affinity with the growler, and even have a somewhat unique growler filling process.

It’s no secret that we like growlers; it was one of our first packages. Growlers are fun and they make it easy to share beer with friends and family. Over the past few years we have had many questions about growlers, the most common one is “How long will the beer stay fresh?” Our answer – Months, until it gets opened.

Why does the beer packed at our brewery stay fresh so much longer than one poured at the brewpub? Because we use a bottling machine to pack each growler – the machine evacuates the air, purges the growler with C02 and then fills from the bottom up under counter-pressure.

Awesome, right?

The full lineup of beers is great, and growing, but if you want to know where to get started, look no further than their excellent Coconut Porter. It’s incredibly drinkable, rich and flavorful, but does not taste like a coconut. It was easily the best porter I had at Cincy Winter Beer Fest. And their Bourbon’s Barrel Stout, aged in Makers Mark bourbon barrels, is another gem, I can’t wait to get my hands on some more of it.

Great Crescent is also one of the breweries that prefers cans over bottles, and was recently the winner of two readers choice awards at CraftCans.com. They won for “Most Innovative Canning Brewery” and “Best New Beer” for their Bourbon’s Barrel Stout.

The full list of their beers can be found here.

Finally, great news for those of us in the Cincinnati area is that Great Crescent will be even more convenient to get really soon. They announced their entry into the area last month, and are even hosting an event this week (Feb 15th from 5-8) at MOTR Pub in Cincinnati.

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