Tapper World Tour for iPhone, iPad

Temple Run for iPhone is basically controlling all of my spare time, so I was looking for a game that wouldn’t consume my entire being. While searching through the “Retro Remixed” category, I was excited to see Tapper World Tour, an update to the popular arcade game.

If you’ve never played the original, the basics of the game are simple. You need to keep the customers happy by filling up their glasses, collecting their empties, and grabbing tips. As the game progresses, the customers come faster and the action picks up. The cartoon graphics are a nice touch, and I enjoyed seeing different types of people (and aliens) depending on the location of the bar. The cost is just $0.99 for the iPhone. Definitely worth a buck.

PS – remember in the 80s when you could be a kid and play video games about beer? It was the Grand Theft Auto of it’s time! (ok not really).

After the jump, videos of Tapper World Tour and of the original video game.

Tapper World Tour

Classic Arcade Game Tapper:

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