Listen: The Ramones’ Three Songs Written for Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager

Thanks to my friend Jim Teacher for pointing me to Dave the Spazz’ write up of The Ramones venture into creating songs for Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager.

It was 1995 and the world famous Ramones were in their Snow White Meets the Three Stooges phase of their career. Soon they would retire to die and get rich (in that order) but first they had some important business to take care of ….

It’s only recently that I discovered the late Ramones period Moment of Greatness. Following in the rich legacy of The Who’s Great Shakes commercial and scores of rock ‘n’ roll Coca-Cola jingles, the Ramones were given one last chance to to knock not one, but three killer songs out of the park. This opportunity came in the form of beer jingles. The way Joey leans into these lyrics is incredible–he’s selling this beer like it was the most important thing on earth and maybe it was.

With its 6.0-8.1% alcohol content, Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager is some deadly fluid. It tastes like cross between swill and horse piss but I guess somebody’s gotta drink it. I’m glad the High Gravity Lager people stumbled upon the Ramones when they were sorting through affordable b-listers that could rise to the challenge of recording a classy commercial. Thank you Steel Reserve High Gravity Lager for giving my favorite band one last chance to shine. (read more)

The three songs are embedded on this post, but if you’d like to read more about The Ramones and download the songs as MP3s, head on over to WFMU, the greatest radio station in the world.

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Robert Duffy

Robert Duffy is the co-founder of Empty Growler and lives in Brooklyn, NY

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  1. Jim Teacher says:

    I remember sleeping in a Steel Reserve puddle a few times.

  2. gregory says:

    This video doesn’t exist……????

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