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Since I started to cellar beer, the obsessive side of me began to run into a few issues. When you get to a certain quantity, you no longer can rattle off everything you are sitting on without making the trip down to the basement and unearthing some bottles from their hibernation state in bottles or on shelves. While this can be kinda fun from time to time, it can also get pretty tedious. So of course, veteran cellerars have gone the spreadsheet route, chronicling their collections using Excel or whatever software works best for them. However, there is little to no uniformity when it comes to spreadsheets, and accuracy is sometimes an issue as well. This can become a problem when you are trying to share your spreadsheet with others.

The spreadsheets are fine, but I think many are looking for a better, more consistent option. Enter, Cellar HQ. It’s a brand new web based software that allows you to input all the information in your cellar and gives you a pretty nice looking listing of your goodies. Included is a total amount of beers, different breweries represented and how many unique beers you have stored away.

Cellar HQ is a work in progress though, it’s still pretty simple and could use a few tweaks and additions. However, I’ve not only noticed that the site founders are very open to feature requests on Twitter, but they are regularly rolling out new features as well. Just since last week I’ve noticed a couple new things roll out, including the ability to view other users cellars, which is always fun.

So whether you are new to cellaring like I am, or have been looking for a great way to keep track of what you have stored away and a spreadsheet isn’t cutting it, I encourage you to check out Cellar HQ, and follow them on Twitter as well.

Check out what I have in my cellar right now, and share yours with us if you decide to use Cellar HQ.

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  1. I created CellarHQ for exactly the reasons you stated: too much beer in the cellar, spreadsheets are boring, etc. but probably most importantly to have the ability to share with others. This is an understated feature of the site at the moment, but will be growing in the future.

    CellarHQ is certainly a work in progress, but I am hammering out new features as quickly as I can. In fact, the Cellars directory mentioned in the post was released just last night. I’d love to hear your or your readers’ thoughts for tweaks, additions, suggestions, etc.

    Thanks for the write-up!


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