Why another blog about beer?

The craft beer industry is as strong as it ever has been. Great beers are infiltrating bars, bottle shops and grocery stores around the country and the options we have available right now are amazing. Along with those options, come a plethora of opinions, and bloggers have come out of the woodwork to talk about their passion, craft beer.

So who are we here at Empty Growler to try and jump into the conversation? Well, nobody really. We aren’t experts, haven’t brewed or tasted any more beer than you have and don’t have some sort of insider information about the beer industry. But, we do have passion for the hobby and a pretty solid knowledge of blogging and the web as a whole.

We are both bloggers, and combined have nearly 20 years of experience talking about music on the web. We know how to cut through the crap and give you information and content that is easy to consume and hopefully good enough that you decide to come back. We hope to start a community here that is bigger than one city but gives an accurate viewpoint on the industry, how it is evolving and how it tastes. Read more about us here.

So thanks for checking us out, we would love to hear your feedback and thoughts on what we put in front of you, and hope to be hearing from you soon. And if you’re interested in writing for the site, get in touch.

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  1. Sounds great guys, looking forward to reading more!

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